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So how did this happen?
Carolyn was a rabbit breeder - at one time she had over 400 bunnies, but after serious financial trouble, she realized she couldn't afford the upkeep of the animals and in mid 2010 she began selling off the rabbits she had been raising. By 2011 the situation was dire, and Carolyn was in debt from the animals and needed to see the end to her rabbit problem. Carolyn tried everything - advertising on craig's list, google, locally in newspapers - but the rabbits weren't selling. In this economy, it's hard to find homes for pets at all.

In desperation, Carolyn found out that a zoo would purchase the rabbits as feed for other animals - and she found information about how to euthanize the rabbits in bulk - via a homemade gas chamber. Per Carolyn - it was a last resort. She wanted to find the animals another way - but the zoo offered $8 per bunny to be used as feed, and she needed the money badly.

How did rescue get involved?
A rescue group from the North East United States was doing a transport through Georgia of 8 other rescue bunnies (unrelated) when one of their supporters posted the news to their facebook page - from there it was a frenzy of phone calls and emails. For 8 1/2 hours, while the other rescue transport ensued - one Android phone was blowing up, making arrangements. And people responded. The bunny community is a lot bigger than you'd think, and through these "bunny people" - we are finding safe haven for all 79 rabbits before this weekend!

Carolyn stressed that while she wasn't looking to make a profit - just to get the rabbits out of her life, and put this chapter behind her - she is in debt and was really counting on the $8 per bunny she was offered. So now the job turned to rabbit rescue to post "BAIL" for the 79 bunnies. Look at it as another economical "bail out". We're bailing out the bunnies, and one desperate owner - who promises her days of bunny breeding are behind her!

For more information about all the organizations helping out in this particular case and what you can do to help as well go to the Bunnytransport website


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