Anyone out there with a heart and a home? Or is it OK for them to die? Their lives are now in your hands

Look at this BEAUTIFUL chocolate-Siamese boy Roan! I thought he'd be adopted on his looks alone. I don't think he qualifies as a true-dwarf, but he is very small. He is the last of SIX rabbits dumped on December 6. His last friend was adopted 3 weeks ago (now TWO MONTHS AGO) ; he is lonely and becoming frightened and shy....which makes him less visible and less & less likely to be adopted. He doesn't deserve this. Please choose Roan as a loving companion!


Itty-teeny Mickey is a genuine dwarf with the BLUEST eyes you've ever seen. He, too, is the last of a "discard" of 4 bunnies on January 5. He's very small, very sweet, an easy, good cuddle! His cage-companion was just adopted two days ago (now SIX WEEKS AGO) , leaving little Mickey alone and lonely. Help me find this little doll-boy his own special home, PLEASE!


THANK YOU so much for helping these guys. I trust someone out there will have a heart to offer a home.

The rabbits are at the EAST VALLEY SHELTER, 14409 Vanowen, Van Nuys (818) 756-9323 but you can also contact me at:

Help4Rabbits / Marina Sanctuary

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