Rabbits in need of homes/rescue !!

As many of you know, five years ago my husband and I built a 1300 sq. ft. rabbitat to care for a large group of rabbits who had been dumped in California.

Unfortunately, the other night in the ice storm, the roof collapsed. We were incredibly lucky that only one rabbit waskilled in the disaster (I'd just taken out four fresh bales of hay and they stopped the beams from hitting the ground -- the one rabbit who was killed was on a bale of hay). Everyone is safely inside the house now, but I don't have a long term solution for keeping them here (and the short term one is about to kill me). I need to find rescues or homes for some of these guys, desperately.

The ideal situation would be to find a new rabbitat-type-situation for them to go to, they are used to having room to run, and being able to live a very rabbity life(they are, of course, spayed/neutered). But most if not all could be happy living inside with human friends, too. Some are extremely friendly.

If rescues could step up and take a group, I'd be eternally grateful (and the bunnies would too). But I'm also looking for good adoptive homes. Even temporary fosters would help me out. Please spread the word. Rabbits make great companions and are not hard to care for -- they can even be litter box trained!
Most everyone's life would be improved by a rabbit.

The rabbits are in NE Ohio but transport can be arranged to other areas.

Feel free to forward this email and ask people to contact me at dawn.shimp @ gmail.com (remove spaces to send Dawn an e-mail)


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