Already for a couple of years RabbitPal is present on the internet to help shelters rehome their adoptable rabbits by listing them for free on the website.
However, nowadays there are many many other websites where shelters can list their rabbits. From own experience we can tell that it is a very time consuming task to have all these website updated on a regular basis.

And thus we understand that shelters use those services which have a broader community and tend to generate the most traffic for their cause.

It is therefore that we had to reconsider the effectiveness of RabbitPal and have come to the conclusion that we have to go into another direction. RabbitPal will remain dedicated to rehoming rabbits all over the world and will list as many links as possible which are related to rabbit shelters. We want to become the most extensive linksdatabase with regard to rabbit-related links. As we do this in our spare time it will take some time. So be patient.

Besides that RabbitPal would like to be the place to post rabbit pleas: rabbits who are in desperate need of help (like rabbits in high-kill shelters), rabbits who need immediate rescue, or maybe just transportation is needed or maybe a place to stay for a couple of days before there is a spot available in a rabbit shelters. RabbitPal wants to act as a kind of intermediar between shelters and people who could help out.

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