My name is Shannon and my four surviving babies are Willie, Eddie, Charlie and Henri. I started out with 7 babies and 3 didn’t survive. Being at the shelter is a bit rough for us. My babies were born at the shelter and are only about 9 weeks old. They are helicopter eared boys who are extremely playful and need room to romp. Unfortunately, we are in a cage right now and the shelter is a bit stressful for us, hence why we all came down with URI and now there is a bit of discharge and sneezing coming out of all of us. We are currently on Baytril.

Because our shelter is overloaded, we are slated to be euthanized unless someone, or a rescue can come forward and sweep us away and find us a permanent home. If that rescue is you, or if you know of a special place where we can go permanently, please contact Jennifer at jenlee03 @ . We are in Northern California. Remember, we only have until Monday, January 10, 2010 or we will all be euthanized!!!!

We would like a happy new year for our family and hope that you can help us.

Please contact Jennifer at jenlee03 @ (remove spaces for correct e-mail address) directly.

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