My name is Cindy from Erie, PA. I am on the Board of Directors for Little Angels Sanctuary(we are a recognized 501c3), a rabbit rescue in Sherman NY. We have a unique problem in Erie and desperately need help. A while back, a man purchased two white rabbits as pets. He, for some reason, grew tired of the rabbbits and released them into his neighborhood in Erie.

We now have 16 to 20 beautiful white rabbits running free in a particular neighborhood. We have contacted the Humane Society of NW PA, the A.N.N.A. shelter and neither takes rabbits - they will euthanize them instead. We contacted the shelters in Pittsburgh and they have no room for these bunnies. We have very limited space at this time at our shelter in Sherman, NY. for any more rabbits. We also talked to the local 4H chapter and none of their partcipants are currently involved with rabbits.

We have talked to the animal control officer in Erie and he is willing to help catch these rabbits if we can find any no-kill shelter to help take them. We will also help transport these bunnies.

ANY help or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Little Angels Sanctuary directly

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